Where Im From


Where Am I From?I’m from a home where it’s usually just momI’m from a home where I know dad is home when the fireplace is lit and the smell of cigarettes is fresh in the airI’m from a home of three welcoming dogs Where Am I From?A place where grandma used to live two houses downA cul-de-sac that was turned into a chalk maze and the mailboxes were “drive-throughs” on your bikeA basement to hide in when bad weather comesA porch that was a theater when thunder and lightning struck Where Am I From?A yard that dad wheeled us around in the wheel-barrelA yard where we played sprinkler jumpA yard where Capture The Flag was never endingA yard filled with music from moms wind chimesA yard with hand-made stepping stones with our hand and foot prints Where Am I From?Fall nights gathered around the fire pitChristmas Eve at Grandmas with dinner and giftsHalloweens that started with the fire truck and ended with a belly full of candy Where Am I From?A neighborhood shared with my piano teacherA neighborhood shared with best friendsA neighborhood shared with my Grandparents Where Am I From?A childhood filled with Grandpas unbelievably crazy storiesA childhood filled with moms chores every SaturdayA childhood filled with camping and the “END OF THE WORLD”A childhood filled with mushroom hunting Where Am I From?Pretty is as pretty doesYou leave nothing to the imaginationWakey wakey eggs and bakey Where Am I From?Moms crazy HOT hot beansDads smoked BBQGrandmas spaghettiMoms oddly amazing Pineapple Cheese WhipGrandmas Ginger Bread MenGrandmas Iced Tea that was never sweetGrandpas Eggs and Oatmeal  Where Am I From?A house with my Grandpas Grandfather Clock that chimes every hourA house with my pianoA house that’s cleanA house where I learned to ride a bikeA house where I learned what’s wrong and what’s right Where Am I From?I’m from AustraliaI’m from a family of travelingI’m from a family of loving parentsI’m from a place that is sometimes hard to love but will always be homeI’m from Indiana.  

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