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Mon, 06/17/2013 - 16:25 -- Rosie18


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35° 5' 5.6004" N, 106° 38' 48.534" W

we like those speakful car conversations
talking about relationships and songs that songs
that were number one hits how life has
changed alittle lyrically spitten versus of how our
roots are thicker than blood and we want
this to work for love and set backs, growing up and
tiding things up while we drive along the concrete yellow
lines and fenced up ghettos where i come from
were once corner stores and and playgrounds passing
by all these once were summer trees it's the
elementaries we like talking about how we were once
kids on swings and slides building an imagination of sand
castles in the sky explaining these stories of what
were meant to be so I can jot down memories and make
it come alive like you ain't never heard before
uh broken up pen and one sheet of paper that i lay but
their is just so much shit i gotta say, WHEN YOUR
BORN INTO POVERTY where my roots grow
deeper beneath me traditionally likewise I come from
the secret my brown skin is haunted from and so
I scribble on my hands like tatoos to the deeper the
flesh the more colorful the ink and the needle
goes right through...and it hurts to remember like those
family gatherings of july barbecue sunday mornings
chillin in the grass while the grown ups sipped on corona
we sipped on Jarritos soda sliding our fingers through
the green clean grass from where we sat just so we can make
this feeling last when we saw the colors orange and yellow
so that he heat cooked up an action like wet rocks and green
trees, the smell of incence, keeping the coffee brewin
and the music made us HIP HOP RAISED US the seasons got
the best of us changing us written all over our smiles
when we danced beneath the stars and talked until we reached
the early morning remenecing sitting back as i was a
younger me on Stover 1107 ave st I come from washington
middle school that raised us up and YES WE WERE
THOSE WANNA BE GHETTO KIDS that everyone claimed us
to be because as kids we played as kings and queens
pretending from the people we come from we will be their someday
and through whatever weather shuffling cards of only
hearts and spades we played it off well because you see even though
we had it rough we always had enough YES we were those
kids on the block rappin to the coolest because we knew through even
hard times we were still....cool? from where we sat the
rain poured on the linger of our skin cleaning us from every relative
sin and their was just something about the fresh morning air
sunday morning ash wednesday as the ashes smeared on our
foreheads to let the world know of the sacrifices we been
through describing our hand held moments of cancer our get
away cars and vacations are like the sand of an hour
glass so are the days of our lives spending birthdays and
anniversary weekends at days inn when my dad had
alittle to much to drink. Talking about how things were less
complex we like talking about how things were less complex
we like talking about how we were once excellence how christmas
has changed since we've been kids why it dosen't snow
anymore because winter has always brought the worst out of us
that's why we ain't got time to vizualize green on our minds like the
summer skies why we struggle to make time we got those faded balloons
at every party from call in school days and low pay work days we
got those memorizing constellations and tribulations trying to substain
our stamina we like to laugh and cry a little lose and win a little
steady advancing from struggle cuz never selling our soul
is our philosophy so from the lenses of the egyptianal eyelids
in a telescope you can finally see that i come from a clear
across view of like.... Astronomy

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This poem is for the people in poverty and who have come a long way with a broken family, trying to live everyday with strength and pride....for people who have colored skin like me

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