Where I'm From

Where I’m from is home ,yet alien all at once

Where I’m from there are more children

than adults to care for

I am from a word obsessed mind that had to learn the hard way that fantasies fade to dust

Teased,into happy corners I never wanted to leave,

The loneliness wellworth the freedom

I am from good intentions gone awry

I am from a scary world,a country that has never loved the man who raised me

Striked ,in the heart at the fact that the way i was raised by harsh truths ,both told and hidden

Angered,at the fact that I was raised to always be careful and work at least two times harder

Than everyone else

Juxtaposed, is my town ,one side full of open,

easy access to everything

I am from the other side

I am from handmade tortillas ,hard working hands,

happiness created

Cursed ,talking with a mixed up tongue,

it’s roots in the process of being found

I am from the roads that are always in construction,

yet never fixed

Raised, lying on the backs of generations of young,tired mothers

I am from the bricks of unowned homes


This poem is about: 
My family
My community
My country


Niña Títere

This is about my experience and my hometown.

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