Where I'm From

I am from the purple bicycle,

from cookie cutters and American Girl magazines.

I am from the blue house.

(Strong, sturdy, it smelled like cinnamon.)

I am fom cucumbers,

the sunflowers in the front yard

whose petals touched the earth

as the days grew shorter.


I am from Election Day hikes and braces,

from Mary Ann, Troy, and Tipton.

I am from the perfectionists and the brainiacs

From "be careful little eyes what you see"

and "shoulders back."


I am from holding hands in prayer before dinner

with the smalles child interrupting

and sneaking a bite of food.


I am from Meadow Wood and Otterview,

Pillsbury cookies and pizza,

from the broken arm my brother had,

the black eye every Christmas,

and the freckles on little Gracie's face.


I am from the shelves in the office

filled with pictures and memories

that remind me of my past,

to keep my future radiant.



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