Where I'm From


United States
28° 45' 25.6572" N, 81° 21' 3.3912" W

I am from straw brooms,
From pin sole and Fabuloso.
I am from the pastures of the cows
(Green, and open. It smells like freshly cut grass.)
I am from the star fruit tree,
the mango tree.
Whose fresh ripe fruit fell
as if it was there just for me.
I am from Flan and hair barrettes,
from Rivera and Drew.
I’m from the Have-it-all’s
and the tell-em-all’s,
from Que te pasa and Te amo Meja.
I am from red beans and white rice,
from crystal blue beaches and pearly white sand.
I am from the little white house that was burned,
from the day the family split.
I am from all those things, just one huge tree,
But I am part of the tree, a seed,
that will fall away and adventure
And when that day come,
I will start my roots and become a new tree.
I am from life, a never ending cycle

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