where I'm from!


I am from bright colored apron's from williams Sonoma and Andrew Zimmem.

I am from the crowded hot kitchens.

I am from the daisy's on the front porch and wind blowing rapidly thrue the tall oaks.

I am from front porch sitting every evening and sun bleached hair during the summer from curly headed Minnie Marily and baby smooth skin of Eva Marie and burst of sunflower hazil eye of Danial Allen.

I am from the praying before you eat and always going to church on sunday.

From Jesus loves you and always pray about your problems.

I am from the bible bells.

I am from the horse country, never can get right cornbread anf the best tasting collard greens in town.

From the West Virgia hills, the MCcoys, and the bullets flying.

I am from rose bushes behind everyone in every family picture at Grandma Freda's house. 

This is where I'm from!


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