Where I'm From


United States
29° 59' 28.7448" N, 95° 31' 29.9496" W
I am from my black Barbie doll
From vapor and miracle whip
I am from those looks that say “good job “
And the ones that say “don’t let it happen again”
I am from the coconut tree in our back yard 
Whose shade always protected me from the sun
   I am from gardening in the farm,
 growing the family meals
From my father’s love 
And my mother’s heart.
I am from “Things will get better”, 
“Count your blessings”
 And “money don’t grow on the trees”.
 I am from night time prayers 
Stories in the bible
 And the grace of God
I am from West Africa
beating of drums
 dance in the market 
Fried plantains and rice
From the sounds of gun shots,  
the rattling trucks
to the fire in the woods,
From the sand to the trees and the silver bird that flew over the hills
I am from the silent screams and teary eyes
I am from the past and the present 
Dreams of the future
I am from the unknown.
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