Where I'm From

 I come from a place where they say yeehaw, but we dont celebrate mardi gras. I come from a place of mixed race, hey boy whats the color of your face, why cant you give me some space? You're pushing me into last place but why is this a race against race? I may not be th enice guy, no cant tell him twice guy, cant even let slights fly by he always gets mad with a certain color of dye. I always die, but come alive when hearing those words that put emphasis on verbs if I dont stop running I'll never be heard. I come from a place where being free means to be seen, seen on the stage of the streets performing for just a little slice of meat, you dont know me? Well I guess I cant eat. I come from a mother who had three children, lost one at twelve but still kept buidling, a life for us. We who had so much but cared so little that our life is the only chance we have at getting back at our mad, angry feelings that drill so many drillings into the thrity white horses on red hills, and we chant, we stamp, we dont stand still. I come from a father who knew no borders, crossed the sea to defend Saudi Arabian mortars, and came back broken. I come from a proud heritage that allows to have two parents and even though things may be bad now, where I come from, they always get good in the end. 

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