Where I'm From

I’m from Soccer
From Nike cleats and hair gel
I’m from the streets of East Palo Alto
From the wanting and not having
I’m from the streets where no one would dare to visit
From the streets where I lost a friend to the Gangs…(Rest In Peace Jose Luis Quiñones)
I’m from a city that never sleeps
A city that brainwashes young teens to give up all hope and dreams
I’m from a city where you can find drugs right around the corner
From a city where if you’re not a pusher then you must be a smoker
I’m from palm trees in front of my house
To beans and corn in my backyard
I’m from staying up late, not knowing why sleep is needed
& from the fast life, where my neighbors cooked up coke late nights
I’m from a family that once meant everything to me
From a family that no longer exists
I’m from an old yellow house were my first couple of memories were born
I’m from a mother who struggles to pay everyday bills
From a mother whose poor choices led her to failure and struggle…
From a mother whose happiness was far more important than those of her children
I’m from a strong father whose warm heart was utterly shattered without my mom’s presence
From a father that has been taken over by loneliness and misery
I’m from heading the wrong direction, to getting my life together and becoming successful
I’m from memories and pictures that no longer exist
From memories that have been forever implanted in my brain
I’m from a childhood memory, where my father dressed up as Santa Claus and the days we were still a “family”
I’m from eating pizza and hanging out with friends
From friends who have been more like family to me
I’m from not being able to channel my anger
From dying on the inside, but looking fearless on the outside
I’m from falling in love twice
From not knowing what I wanted in life
I come from a household that was always filled with alcohol, a house where beer was always in the fridge and a house where there were everyday arguments and abuse
I’m from the streets to what I called my second home
From the streets where I was accepted by the same people, banging the same color
I am far from what I once was, but not as close to what I want to be
I have yet to live the life I want,
Hoping to accomplish
My dreams

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