Where I'm From


I am from run down neighborhoods and rose bushes,

From alcohol fountains and jail visits.

I am from laughter and giggles to arguments,

Tense situations and constant tip-toing,

From being scared to talk and be yelled at for talking.


I am from spiders on their glistening webs in the morning,

To bare uneven yards, barely capable of growing grass.

I am from McFarlane to Farley,

Big brown eyes and Native American dark brown hair.

From occasional church visits and developed smoking habits.


I am from “No smoking or drugs” and “No guns or alcohol”,

From “Who, what and where?” and “There's your high school”,

From unexplainable body disabilities to ADHD and Bipolar disorder.

From yelling across floors and laziness,

I am from the Blazers and Farleys.


I am from simple dinners of Macaroni and Cheese

Or hot dogs and undercooked french fries,

From mashed potatoes to biscuits and homemade gravy.

I am from paternal alcoholism and crime,

From the nine homes I don't remember.


I am from Mitchel street and Mitchel court,

From Stark street in a kitchen fire,

From a Sandy street apartment flood.

From Dragon Tales with Caitlyn before school

From Powell and Liberty with stabbings and robberies.


I am from the yearbooks on my dresser

(From 6th grade to Junior year)

And the perfume I barely use in a Christmas stocking,

(reserved for Graduation or Birthday Dinners)

From old bills and coins in a cashew jar,

From barely touched makeup in a dresser drawer.


I am from using resources wisely and

Leave No Trace and be a sister to every Girl Scout.

From the silhouette of an independent girl to a strong Viking.

I am from two families that can't get along

and I'm okay with that.




This is so powerful. I love it.

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