Where I'm From

Where I’m From

Samantha Stevenson


I am from playing dress up and make believe.


I am from a picture perfect childhood.

I am from VHS Tapes,

from all nighters and Disney movies.

I am from singing to dancing, body aching from over exertion.

I am from Looney Tunes every Saturday.

I am from flustered adolescence.

I’m from light and Dark.


I’m from Poison Control and intoxication.

Pseudodysphagia to PTSD, sights and sounds that never were..

I’m from quick, pitter-pattering on hardwood floors.

I am from abuse.

I am from strength.


I’m from motivation, integrity, and rejection.

How poisoned are my recollections?

I’m from hopeful to hopeless, lost to found.

I am from love and happiness.


I’m from a realist who is s sophisticated and worn.

I am from an idealist who is weary but warm.

I’m from Vallery, Patchogue, and fenced in yards.

From vibrant to silent from life’s disregards.

I am something, yet from nothing.


Under my mask, there’s a girl.

Locked away, scarred, and covered in truth.

I am from Cancer.


I am from a world where most would rather play naive.


I am from playing dress up and make believe.


This poem is about: 
My family


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