Where I'm From

I am from the S on the compass

Where 90 degrees was casual weather and winter barely existed

A loving household, a family oriented place

A place where my name was either "Sean Michaels" or "Son number two"

A place where going outside was a luxury that was not allowed

And trick-or-treating was a dream that never happened

I'm of a place where Pokemon was the trend

The show, the games, the cards and all

I am of a place where the Andy Milonakis Show could hush a room

And Dragon Ball Z could draw all eyes to the TV

A place where co-op Playstation 2 games would make two brothers inseparable

I am from a place where mother was rarely ever home

And brother served as a father figure

That place had very few family moments because of it

I am from a place where leadership was lacking

And loneliness was a plague

I am from a place where fellowship was a commodity

And was appreciated when made available

I am from a place where love couldn't always show itself

But appeared in abundance when it did

I am from a place that seemed bad

But never appeared unpleasant to me

I am from a 20th century home in Savannah, Georgia


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