Where I'm From

I was brought into this world with a purpose

By a mother and father who were the creators

I came from 135 Street Harlem

Boomboxes playing and dizzy feet fraying

I am my mothers mirror and my father's stubbornness

Life wasn’t handed to me on silver platter

It had it’s demons

Within that came the process of  learning  to grow

And treat people better than the way I was treated

After traveling many miles of women and harassment

I discovered my number one love (Dance)

One specific person who has been there for me is my Stepmom

When things weren’t right we tasted  salty water together

Whether it was laughter or sorrow

Along with that there was camp seeing my friends

Ever summer smelling the fresh air of the s’mores and Graham crackers

I was blessed to have another family to support me

My number one pride and joy is my grandma Christine

She took care of me when my father struggled

And spoiled me like no tomorrow ( And still does)

Most of all is hearing that gentle sweet voice saying  “ Nobody messes with my Naya”

Now that she lives so far away it is my turn to return the favor

And look out for her

Where I come from make be chaotic but like the sight of my favorite scissor chain

You can cut your loses and make the best of your future

Now my life is flashing with victory

Whether or not it has been published

But by dancing the sensation of  feeling like you can fly

It’s as if you're being reborn again , enough to get me through tough rough times

                                                But One thing I do know is life is too short

So I make the best of it  

My life is a victory

Whether or not it has been published



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