Where I Live

I don't know where you live, but I live somewhere mystic. Its beauty is beyond words, it's almost unrealistic.

I live where the mermaids swim and turtles fly, where I can age and never die.

I live in the deepest depths of the earth to the highest heights up above. My pet has perfect dragon wings, and music is my love.

Floating castles are my hotels, and my walkways are the stars. The moon resides in my backyard and neighbors live on Mars.

Mome raths live in gardens, and dolphins sail out far. My furniture is cloudy, and shops are all bizarre.

My best friend hides from daylight, and my pencil is my wand. Raindrops fall through pictures, and in the distance there's a pond.

There are People living in the trees and gnomes live in the ground. Sometimes when I'm lonely, that's where I'll be found.

The sun shines brightly right above, and springtime is with me. Winter falls like silver rings along the rolling sea.

Wings sprout like tulips from gentle palish backs, and delicate winged horses rise from any cracks.

So where you may live may be nice, it puts you all at ease, but I love my home where I reside among the golden trees.

Should people say my tale is fairy and there is nothing true, then I would giveth them a book for their eyes to construe.

You see, my world lies in pages, in words and paper sand. You'll find no place better even if you scour all the land.

So I don't know where you live, but I live someplace magical. Join me if you wish, forget all that has been "practical."


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