Where I Come From


United States

I come from a little town in the western part of Mexico

A pueblo called Santa Anita in Guadalajara, Jalisco

From dreamers both my parents and I

Who came to seek a better future until we die

15 years later working as hard as when we got here

working twice as hard to live the American dream

one day we'll learn what it is meant to be free

because everything is not what it seems


Because of where I come from 

we're all dreaming of the land of the free

Ever since I was young I was never able to sleep 

Now I'm awake for this and ready to fulfill the dream

My momma always told me no worries 

because of our circumstances

but all I've ever wanted was to achieve and make my family proud

to do big things and be able to say their names aloud

so people can know where I come from

I am who I am 

I am a DACA candidate 

This is me

This poem is about: 
My family
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