Where I Come From


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In… Out…, In…Out…

Breath, Kari. Just breath

In… Out…, In…Out…

From greatness you have been conceived


The internal pressure steadily rises

And threatens to implode

I must remember where I come from

I am designed to withstand this load


Attempting to be the light in a very dark world

Is a very daunting and grandiose ordeal

Feeling alone on this mission gets overwhelming

The mere thought of the task makes my mind reel.


An everlasting ordeal of internal tug-of-war

A never ending battle between me and myself

Who am I? Why am I? What am I?

Answers I cannot receive from anyone else.


Living in a horridly selfish world

People take and take and take for free

Nasty greedy little parasites



I’m not some tawdry side show attraction

I’m more than just my body that receive so many stares

Can you get your eyes off my ass for a sec and look at ME

There is an actual person inside of there


I am strong, powerful, and resilient

Nothing will stand in my way

For the blood of my glorious ancestors

Runs through my each and every vein


I come from a people who personify strength

I come from a people who have overcome

Even from pits of hell during enslavement

I come from a people who, against all odds, won


My parents have always told me that “Kari” had a meaning

“Kari” means strong black woman

I’ve always strived to live up to that

But I’ve come to realize that I’m human


Everyone has weakness and vulnerable moments

And has to let go and shed a few tears

The thought of letting someone see that side is scary

But I’ve been told by many to conquer my fears


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