Where I Am, Is Who I Am


Where I Am, Is Who I Am


People have always labeled me as a church girl ever since I can remember,

Only because I would seem to linger around there forever,


I’m there when the place is crowded with hundreds of smiles,

But also when my footsteps are the only sound I can hear within miles,


I have seen sunshine hit this place with perfect skies,

But also darkness with loud thunderbolt cries,


This is where my heart has felt the most joy it could ever receive,

And also some of the worst feelings there are to grieve,


Here I can recall memories from my infancy,

But from the past to today there’s a dissimilarity,


I was blind and thought it was the place that I was addicted to,

When in reality it’s God I’m addicted to,


I have always been that church girl or at least that’s what people would say,

But now that I understand who God is I am proud to be considered that way.

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