Where I Am From

I am from a red wagon,

from Kelloggs and Crayola.

I am from large windows and squeaky doors,

    Never failing to awake the household.

The berry garden of colors of the rainbow.

The aspens that grow faster than me,

    Outside my window.

I am from Tooth fairies and Easter Bunnies,

from a shy sister and a kind brother.

I am from Christmas mass and posed pictures,

from black and whites hung  down the hall.

I am from “vamanos” and “silencia”,

from baked cookies, and barbie dolls.

I am from Pope Benedict and Roman scripture.

I am from blue mountains and atomic bombs.

I am from spanish adobes and Irish beer,

spaghetti and cinnamon rolls.

I am from God Bless You before bed

and morning sunrises.

I am from princess dresses and golden crowns,

from a loving mother and protective father.

I am from play-dates and Disney movies.

I am from a red wagon.

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