Where I am from.


2414 belmont ave apt: bsmt
United States
41° 7' 52.8672" N, 80° 39' 54.8748" W

I am from Ecuador, from mote and potatoes

I am from the house constructed by adobe

I am  from the fresh roses and green moss growing at the corners of my house

I am from the brazo gitano to celebrate each birthday and the word usted for everybody,

from Puma league and ñañitos and panas.

I am from the friends are everywhere and always respect old people not matter their age.

From I promise be with you everytime and please never change that wonderful personality

I am from the cold mornings in the city, sharing cream with coffee .

From the American Dreams, the social classes do not matter, and the you will be always in my heart

I am Ecuador, the best place you could visit and never forget the beautiful experience of the life style, church, parks, people and awesome stories told by ecuadorians.

Cuenca the only place of the incredible and beutiful cholitas.

I am from god bless you.


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