where has the love gone?

Wed, 12/03/2014 - 23:58 -- milady


God brought us all different by color, looks, and personality

But now everything has changed no more love it has gone away

People hate other people because of there color or for a dumb reason

Where has the love gone? i ask myself

Why do people hate other people because of thier color doesnt make sense

We all look the same on the inside the only different is on the outside but that doesnt mean anything

Every skin color or race has a sterotype but white is always smart but colored is drop out

But there are white people that drop-out or are homless

I have seen that but people dont care about latino or black

There are more killings of black and latinos 

Where has humanity gone too?

We all colored and some white people have hope to stop racism but can 10% or at least 30% of people stop it we need more

But how can we stop it

Where has the love gone?

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I hope you love this peom it came from the heart thank you

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