Where to go ...

Ecclesiastes 11:10 New English Translation (NET Bible)

10 Banish emotional stress from your mind.
and put away pain from your body;
for youth and the prime of life are fleeting.



Where to go ...?


Where does the time go? Do you know?

It seems that a light-year appears like a dream

As it overcomes somehow space and time

Through the limit and arrogance as it seems?


What is a day on an ever-turning globe?

What is an hour when caught deep asleep?

Is it not just counted by all of mankind

as a deliverance from the unknown deep?


A second here and a minute wasted

As timepieces are used everywhere.

Aging seemingly persists in hasting

through creation, as only a few care


Maybe in the span of things

time appeared "quiet" long ago.

Not to be understood on a fling

by the ones, who wanted to know.


In a hurry and running out of time.

The movement appears in slow motion

Maybe, after all, is said and done

we hopefully find time for devotion.


Jan Wienen


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