Where Do We Go From Here?


Walking down the hallways

Seeing these faces of sadness

The broken hearts, plastered on the sleeves

Of forgotten ones, of lost loves. 

Seeing people hurt,

slammed against lockers,

tears streaming down their face.

They watch the people pass by 

and silently wonder 

if someone will step up

if someone will let themselves go under. 

Once the bullies leave

they sit there in denial they tell no one what would happen

they put on a fake smile

I sit there and I ponder

Where do we go from here

Seeing all these silent faces

Streaming silent tears

I will be the one

I will step up and defeat

The bullies that stand in front

Shutting down those they know won't speak. 

Forget my reputation

I won't be seen just standing by

I'd rather step and help up

Let me spread my wings and fly.

So now I can sit back

My question now it's answered

These kids all have a helper

I know where to go from here.


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