Where Do I go From Here


Like Thunder Roaring Through The Night 

The Sounds of Boom Get Louder Like A Gun Shot Over The Horizon

Cries of Fear Heard From Street Corner To Street Corner

Trees Are Falling Like Soldiers In A Great War

And All Of A Sudden A Sound Of a Loud Train Is All That Can Be Heard In The Distance

Only If That Train Would Have Went In A Different Direction

Only If That Train Wouldn’t Have Abroad

Only If That Train Didn’t Carry So Much Heavy Cargo

People Would Be Full Of Joy And Happiness

And Not Pain And Sorrow

People Would Be At Home Enjoying Their Families

People would be At Home Enjoying Their Precious Time

And Not Trying To Figure Out “Where Do I Go From Here”

'Where Do I Go From Here'….? This Place Of Disparity…

Where Do I Go From Here

This Place Of Pain That Lingers Over Me Like A Dark Cloud In The Night

Where Do I Go From Here



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