Where Do I Come From?


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Where Do I Come From?


I am from Keith and Teresa, who have shown me nothing but love and care.

From a mother and father who are the most understanding and supportive people I know.

From my older brother who inspires me everyday.

I am from Louisville, a place I’ve always lived.

I am from the season of autumn, the season of thanksgiving.

I am from the leaves that fall from the trees.

I am from the sunrise and the sunset.

I am from thanks for the opportunities I have.

I am from a place of darkness, a place I don’t want to return.

I am from anxiety and fear, but now taking life one step at a time.

From darks times and no hope, to a calmer mind with a brighter outlook.

From pushing myself a little each day to become the person I hope to be.

I am from discovering who I am and being the best version of myself.

From the ashes of a phoenix, I rise again.

I am from a church that I’ve always had uncertainties of.

I am from a spiritual soul.

I am from a heart of empathy and compassion.

From a loud mind that never stops thinking.

I am from the shining stars in space and the twinkling galaxies.

I am from an infinite and incomprehensible universe.

From all the moons and all the planets.

From the Earth, the place I call home.


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