Where Can I Find An Old-fashioned Girl?

An old-fashioned girl is hard to find nowadays.
When I approach girls in a polite manner,
They laugh at me as if I were from another world.
Perhaps I sound like an old-fashioned man.
Other guys say rude slangs to the same girls
And they don’t mind vulgar conversations.
Some girls don’t seem to accept politeness.
What have some people of today become?
These sorts of girls aren’t suitable for me.

One day a nice-looking girl approached me.
Her sexy dress was a real turn-on.
I couldn’t help eyeing her shapely figure.
And I really liked her sensual voice.
My emotion got the better of me.
She convincingly professed her love for me.
I thought I’d found the girl I wanted,
But she didn’t love me as she said.
I found out that she was two-timing me.

I need an old-fashioned girl with a sincere heart.
Real love isn’t something you feel today
And tomorrow your feelings change.
Many people mistake sex for love,
But you can have sex with or without love.
Sex alone isn’t enough to satisfy me.
I want sex and love or no romance.
Does the sort of girl I’m looking for exist?
Where can I find an old-fashioned girl?



She's out there somewhere. Don't give up. ❤️

Marlon Pitter

I know. Thanks. ☺

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