when youre human (i am poem)

Tue, 10/13/2015 - 10:10 -- Daovan

They said" well maybe you're just, broken."
Can't be welded and mended
The one reason you like Coldplay so much is because they have that one song
Fix you
It's like on the inside you're dying for someone to do
You be like
Like that Barbie who's head just won't stay on
Your dads old coup devile in the garage
The game cartridge that can't be blown in no more
You be
nicknamed bandaid
cause You're so good at fixing other people's accidents  but when it comes to you all You do is mess up and stick to yourself
You be the same thing you wrap your chest tight with to make you feel better
Make you feel more put together
You be
Incomplete cause
Your chamber of secrets can't be opened with no mans
Magic spell
No woman's magic spell
No ones magic spell
You be
compromise and acceptance
the fact that You will
always be referred to wrong
And every word pulls at what's below your sternum
And your partner will be
And they love to tell yall two wrongs can't make a right
And they right but
Being a hypocrite is wrong , right ?
Two wrongs can't make a right, right
And right when you mention that
They write you off
It becomes
They scream that you've broken
that meaning
That you
have it so twisted and construed to your belief
Just to make you feel less
Just to make you feel
And they start joking
Laughing at the fact that
you don't like to remember your first kiss
That you refuse to bring up your "first time"
That Netflix and chill is the epitome of evil to you and
Sometimes band aids make you cry
Cause sometimes
Your bandaid can't fix something that was ripped within you
That Some times that adhesive left behind leaves
More scars its supposed to cover up
You suppose
It's your fault You can't keep focused
In school
Who cares
 that book
Atticus finch
Is killing
You just can't seem to get the images
Of your head
So you think "I'm sorry i can't answer your do now
 At the moment
And I can't understand what you mean
By me being a disciplinary  issue
And I'm sorry I Come in late sometimes
It's hard to choose to wake up from that semi coma you cried yourself into and keep going or end it right there
And I'm sorry I can't participate as much as I'd like to
It's hard keeping your stamina up enough to try to break through that brick wall called clinical dysthymia
And they say
" it's all in your head "
You jump for joy
You think they finally realize that you
Help this
It always leads to "it's not that bad"
You see
When you're human
You are born broken
You are a piece of glass vase, mended together only when you find your true self
There will still be cracks
And bumps
Jagged edges
You will never be all the way
But you
will be

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Our world
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God's Chosen Vessel

Didn't get to finish reading it but this line:

cause You're so good at fixing other people's accidents  but when it comes to you all You do is mess up 

really connects with me. Great work!

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