When You Feel Like Quitting, Remember Why You Started

Losing hope is easy to do when it feels like no one is there for you

Many people will try to tear you down to make you stop loving something you’ve found

So when it feels like you are not given a chance

Shove it back in their face and prove them wrong

Keep your head up and have confidence

Stand up for yourself

Keep your goals in mind and if you believe you will achieve

Challenge yourself, but don’t push too hard

You know your limits and when you hit the breaking point to go no more

Let it out, shout, talk, walk, because it will make you feel better

You have no obligation to live up to other’s standards

So follow your brain because it will keep you sane

Stay true to yourself and before making any rash decisions

Take a step back and look at everything you’ll be giving up

Everything you’ve worked for from day one

All the time, energy, friends, and memories, gone just like that

Don’t waste it away so easily

Think before you act because when you quit it’ll be too late to go back

So instead remember why you started

Because one day you will realize that those little things turned into the big ones

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