When you close your eyes

Do you know how it feels to be in love?

how it feels like you have been lifted off the ground and are now 10 feet above

and how you can picture him every time you close your eyes. 

At first sight your eyes meet for only a short moment. 

You blush and turn away so you can hide it. 

Already you can picture him every time you close your eyes. 

He walk over to you and you feel your heart beating out of your chest. 

The whole world is silent and you can only hear him and nothing of the rest. 

Still when you close your eyes you can picture him. 

He plays it cool and asks you out. 

You say yes,well it might have been more of a shout.

When he leaves you close your eyes and can still picture him.

After that it seems you both can not stay apart. 

It is like you and him share one heart.

When you are not with him you like to close your eyes and picture him.

The years pass and be asks for your hand. 

You get married on a beach with Snow White sand.

And when you close your eyes, you can still picture it. 

You live your lives and make every moment count. 

Going over every obstacle as if it was something you could easily mount. 

And when you close your eyes, you picture him doing it with you. 

When your times have finally come. 

And and the life you had I you is done. 

You can lay down, close your eyes, let go, and picture him waiting for you. 



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