When the World Turns

When the world turns on you
What should you do
When you find yourself alone
And all those you know subject you to scorn
When the earth beneath your feet
Rocks and shakes with rage
And you feel your seconds left are fleet
But time is just too hard to gauge
Life’s biggest challenge is being yourself
In a world trying to make you into everyone else
You try and you try, but to no avail
No matter what you do, you always seem to fail
‘Try and fail, but don’t fail to try’
That’s the quote you used to live by
But after so many failed attempts
It starts to lose its touch
And soon you begin to realize
You don’t care so much
You slip away into your own little world
As the threads of your life unfurl
Your dishes you neglect
Allow cobwebs to collect
Until your whole life comes unglued
This is what you do
When the world turns on you


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