When Words Fail aka Carved of Silk and Slender

He saw her first, when he was but fifteen,

She was cute, the cutest he’d seen.

But oh so young, maybe not yet a teen,


He said, …. not a word.


In her diary, she would write,

A glance from he, and her heart caught flight.

Thirteen, too young, would not be right.


She was still, …. forbidden fruit.

Suddenly sixteen, and a vision of splendor.

Carved as she was, from silk, and slender,

Desired yes, but afraid to offend her,


At last from he, ….a stumbling word.


Innocent eyes, full of compassion,

Blonde locks flowing, always in fashion.

Bouncing, teasing, but never ashen,


Lost by inaction, and again, ….forbidden fruit.


Her 20's brought elegance and fascination,

and a further source of much frustration.

For both, a separate, marital obligation,


She was gone, …..he said nary a word.


Time rolled on and long years passed,

Children yes, but both, free at last.

Her name had changed, but he not downcast.


Was she no longer, ….forbidden fruit?


A birthday meeting, and a longing glance,

fulfilled, complete. Yes, a second chance.

Loving smiles, a long-term romance,


Finally, …. an inspiring word.


She was but twenty eight, and he of thirty two,

A lifetime ahead?, if only they knew.

A shame on he, to be spent in lieu.


 Possibly again, …. forbidden fruit.


Outside interference destroyed the dream,

To her he had become, not what he seemed.

Distrust, distain, was all could be gleaned,


Why she said, ….why say a word?


She was not distant at the start

But slowly, slowly they were growing apart.

He thought no longer, he, her sweetheart.


On her way again, ….forbidden fruit.


Finally she said,….you have to move on,

Downhearted he left, and soon he was gone.

Penance became, his Sine qua non.


He knew not what to say, ….not a single word.


Later came an unexpected call,

Sadly for he, not on the ball,

An offered reprieve? Fool, and love did stall.


She deserved better, ….and again, forbidden fruit.


Separated once more, both began a new life,

Falsely accused, her words cut like a knife

Despondent was he, his mind in strife,


Hoping everything bad, …. her final word.


20 years now passed, and desperate for healing,

forgiveness dashed, time hast removed all feeling.

The former, left, with emotions a reeling,


Gone forever, …. She was forbidden fruit.


Knowing now, he rated not a mention,

for her heart, no more in contention.

locked as he is, in that fourth dimension.


Wondering why, ….she said not a word.


Move on they said, she is not the girl you once knew,

filled with sadness, he knew this were true.

Of his dream, she simply outgrew


No longer, ‘the’ girl,….just forbidden fruit


Ever to lament he was not the one

'the' girl, from he, shall hear none

knowing now, in her mind, he is done.


Never again, ….from he, a word.


15,000 plus days since sixteen, silk and slender,

despite passing years, perhaps still, just too tender.

yet everyday, he does pause and remember,


Locked away, as she is .... forbidden fruit!


Long lives were lived and eventually both passed,

But their earthly separation would not last

New souls arrived, with no memory of the past….


….And he saw her again when he was but fifteen

To he, much more than just another cute teen,

For just like a King, he would make her his Queen.


Forbidden no more, they exchanged kind words.       


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This is the first poem I have ever written. 

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