When Words Can't Help You Out


The hardest emotions to explain are the easiest ones to feel for me.

Staring into her eyes again, I'm mute as her beauty is the thief of the words it steals form me. 
She doesn't know how much my heart pounds with desire at the sound of her name because "love" is too weak of a word to express my soul the same.

I could write her a song, a novel, a poem or even a letter. But none of these can describe this emotion I have in my heart beating under my sweater.

She hates the cold and I think it's endearing. Our opinions aren't always the same, which makes so persevering. See, what one lacks the other one has extra. The imperfections of our individualities become perfect when our souls are aligned.

Despite her insanity-wait, let me rephrase that: Because of her insanity, I can't figure out how my feelings make sense. They really don't. All I know is that I will always fall into her arms at the end of a fight, even if the conversations are tense. 

There is a reason I would do anything for her, I now realize. Despite the pain that our future can cost, I know when she looks into my eyes, when I look up at the skies, and when my stomach feels butterflies, that it is worth it.

When words can't help me out and I feel my pulse rate rising as I'm near her, I feel a feeling of... I mean, I hear a voice saying... What I am trying to say is that I feel her... Never mind I can't explain it.

As she leans into me and she keeps getting closer, a voice in my head says "She needs to know." There is comfortably very little space between us both and I want her to know. This feeling I cannot explain, I want it to shine. As her lips slowly come to explore mine, I realize it all.

The hardest emotion to explain are the easiest one to feel. This feeling isn't meant to be explained it is meant to be felt, she came to reveal.

As her lips danced with mine and her hands wrapped around my neck, I felt that the feeling I can't explain is the feeling she's expressing as she is slowing down time, sec. by sec.

The hardest emotions to explain are the easiest ones to feel. These are the best ones to feel. I hold on to the feelings she shows in a silent room, lit by the smiles on our faces. 



This poem is about true love and some of the things in life you just can't put into words. Please send your feedback!


This poem is about some of the things in life you just can't explain. Please send feedback!

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