When will my time come?


Gleaming grins of girls' guise,

Flooding my social media world,

Are they really content with their companions?

Or are they masterfully harnessing a facade in the wings?


When will my time come?

To feel the passion the love for another brings,

To introduce to the world the angel that God has blessed me with?

To have my own life coach on life's journey.


I want to be richly fulfilled!

Ignite the anxious and eager candles of my dreams,

To know that the endless, sleepless nights led to the ultimate comfort:

Reassurance of self.


Business doesn't mix with pleasure,

But home is where the heart is.

And if the heart isn't smiling,

the house frowns as well.


To be content with all aspects of my life is all I yearn for.

Is that too much to ask?

When will my time come?


It seems as if everyone's on the top of the world,

And I'm being trampled underfoot.

Whether their disguise is genuine or I'm too critical,

Is something my mind refuses to decipher.


I feel unhappy but everyday I'm reminded of those unhappier.

The many blessings God has bestowed on me

Seem to go unnoticed because of my covetous nature.

Maybe my focus is blurred.


Worrying about what my heart so desperately desires

Instead of what it should already greatly appreciate.

When will my time come?

Soon enough.


Being knocked down and setback only makes the rise greater,

And the comeback more momentous.

Every aspect of my life will be wholly satisfied,

From a bountiful and prosperous relationship,

To my career that will fuel my family's aspirations.


When will my time come?

I'm not so sure, but attaining my wishes will help to unmask the enigma that is God's Will.


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