When We Were Gods

A murmuring heart, on its own.

From the start, feeling alone.

A pounding heart, not far away,

Even torn apart; love that does not sway.


That moment, happenchance, when mortals collide,

When life, to enhance, releases the deep inside.

When the fruit of the vine, meant to entice and enthrall,

Is drank as a wine and raises them above all.


A new step, and a new stride.

There is nothing to stop this pride.

“We are gods amongst men”, say they.

And their strength may never decay.


Brilliance and beauty,

Powerful and proud.

They love each other truly,

And it does, them, in glory, shroud.


When they speak, mountains quake.

When they step, foundations shake.

As they see the world is theirs,

They are without worry, beyond cares.


When they doubt, they look to the other

And draw strength from their lover.

For with, at their side, that one,

 They could thrive in the fiercest sun.


When we had each other, we were gods.

Whilst we were together, none were greater than us.

“The bigger they are, the harder they fall”

And when gods die, it hurts worst of all.


When we were gods, we had the world in our hands.

Now we are nothing, having remembered we are human.

When we were gods we were invincible.

As a man and a woman we are now again invisible.


We have risen, and we have fallen.

We reached the pinnacle, and have now returned.

Though we are human once more,

The time will never be forgotten.

That time when none were greater than us.

When we were gods.



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