When We Firt Met

I was scared. I wasnt ready. who were you? Who would you be? I didnt plan for this. It's all to real. We went to the doctor. No one knew. I'm scared. I seen you today. Your tiny being. I felt it over whel me.Love/ Your growing so fast. Should the kow? Do they suspect anything? I guess its time. They didnt approve. They dont under stand. Who needs them! You're mine that's all that counts. Months have passed. You've taken me over. Its time! It hurts! Everyone yelling PUSH!! I heard you cry. Could it be? Have you stolen my heart already? Impossible. Your in my arms. Your eyes met mine. my heart stood still, my eyes filled with joy. Ive never loved another the way i love you. When we first met.


MVP-Most Valuable Poet

check spelling with title -firt, meant to say first


overall, great quality of work

very meaningful poem

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