when we fail to have it?


why do we have to complain, criticize, hate things when we fail to have it? If it has ever given you peace, happiness, and beautiful memories, keep it in your heart with affection and respect. This world is full of sinners, I feel proud to say that I am a lover. I have loved someone who didn't love me back, someone who betrayed, and someone who never deserved me. When it comes to love, I give more than what I take from them. I might not be a great human being or a student, but I am a great lover. And I am proud of that quality in me. It's not a bad thing to love others more than you love yourself, it takes courage and patience. Not everyone has the ability to survive relationships which fills you with bitterness, more than sweetness. But with love, and by adding love anything can change. Don't be upset if someone doesn't reciprocate the same way you did, be proud that you gave everything with all your heart. Not everyone is brave enough to do that. SPREAD LOVE. APPRECIATE LOVE. GET LOVE. FEEL LOVE.❤️



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