When Was America Great?

It must be easy to be white in America.

Let me be more clear.

It must be easy to be a wealthy, white, straight man in America.

Tell me, what do they have to fear?


How many races have to be eradicated before you can “Make America Great Again”?

Newsflash - your country’s built on the backs of black men like a backpack, buddy

And yet you’re still disrespecting black women like they were put in your home to be a maid

‘Cause disgustingly low statuses are all that your systematic oppression to them bade

And, even with our fingers crossed, it looks like white supremacy won’t end

Especially when its perpetrators are our higher-ups’ best friends


But what ever made this country great that you’re so eager to get back to?

Was it racism, sexism, slavery, anti-immigration, Japanese internment, world wars one or two?

These are just a few, but they’re stuff that bigots like to do!


It’s a place where living isn’t a right, color is less than white, and there’s sexism in plain sight!

A woman’s only use is to be subservient to man

And every claim of their harassment is just a master plan

To rid a boy of his promising future

C’mon love, trauma ain’t a good moocher


The only thing scarier than a woman bloodthirsty for her own rights?

Those refugees and immigrants that only want a better life!

To escape from war torn countries and seek a higher education

They can’t be civil to these outsiders - no negotiation!


And don’t get them started on who should love who

They’ll only love you if you love like they do

The LGBT community facing electroshock therapy?

Why in the world would you want to do that to me?


But, please! By all means! Make America great!

Give us all our inalienable rights! To our bodies and our lives.

Fix our education, our health, and our society.

Give us a better future! Or are our dreams an impropriety?


So, what is it that America’s great at? Let’s check:

Oh, right.

Just plain disrespect.

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My country
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