When The Voices Speak


Negate 6 months of your life into the realm of unreality

Voices cater to your own thoughts, 

Rewards by the release of contorted body positions

Characters develop, talking to you by the snore of their sleep

The air conditioning vent gives you comforts of a Father.

These voices, so familiar but so extremely new.


You made me feel bliss, You made the illusion real.

For hours I'd watch the saliva from my mouth hit the floor, in amazement at the spectacle before me

God was behind this, I never forgave him for that.


I was Death, and you were the Birds

But now, here I am, back to where I remember.

But changed in some sort of off-hand way, feeling forgotten, wishing and hoping and betting on rebirth

But I am the same.

But maybe worse, with my anxiety and paranoia, what am I now?

Overweight and alone.

For now.

I wait.

I am alive. 

I am thankful. 

Fear has left, the fire goes to embers.


Now I ponder what to do with the rest of my time, 6 months entertaining my memories, no longer survives the trial of time.


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