When u lose a loved one


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When u lose a loved one


When I lost my grandma

I was in denial

I couldn’t believe she was gone just like that

It’s been 2 year and I still can’t believe it

I miss seeing her wake up early and having a smile on her face

I miss that she always put everyone first

She never treated one special then the others

We were all special to her

I miss her saying sweet things to me

When we first get to the ranch and the way she makes me feel so loved

My grandma had that effect about her everyone loved her

Grandma was everything I wanted to be

I also miss the way when we leave the ranch she makes me cry when she says something sweet

Because I don’t want to leave

Every year I was happy to go see my grandma and my cousins but I told everyone

I hated going to Mexico

Because I do the best part of going was seeing my grandma smile and seeing her

Now that she is gone I can’t help but be sad

I feel like I should have stayed there with my grandma

When she was in the hospital

But I had to go to school

Then later on

I hear that my grandma died

I was in denial until last year I saw my grandmas’ grave

I was so sad because I loved my grandma

She wasn’t just a grandma she was a second mom to me, she was like my best friend

I wanted to cry

When I saw my grandma’s grave

 But I kept hearing grandma tell me to be strong

She wouldn’t want us to be crying

She would want us to be strong

So I stayed strong

But every once in a while 

I cry at night thinking of my grandma

She was so loved why did this happen to her why ……

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