When Somebody Loved Me

Mon, 12/30/2013 - 01:55 -- EMH-IFW


I remember when I placed my hand on your cheek

And planted one kiss on your forehead

Reassuring you that everything was going to be alright

And when a smiled, I felt that the world was warm

Similar like a log cabin, with wood stove alight

Even though I sit back reveling in memory

I realize that you and me

We were set to become history


In the moments we argued as we loved

It was a moment in which our conviction was insane

But then in mere moments following

We are ready to make love that is similar to a game


When somebody loved me, I realized that I was happy

Because the sheets weren't cold

When I woke up, I could gaze upon you

Thanking God you were there and in my arms

And then when we both rose like the sun

We were able to share hearts and words

That could keep each other grounded and strong


But then that moment when I kissed your forehead and you walked away

In the rain, it blended with my tears

And since then, for me to shed them

Would be an inappropriate trade

When somebody loved me

They did it with respect

And while it wasn't perfect

We loved in perfect symmetry

Undeniably- without regret




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