When Pen Hits Paper


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when pen hits paper there’s an explosion
somewhere within my chest
somewhere between after and before
I’m left helpless

it starts in the brain
an idea
and like a string it ties itself to every muscle
and knots around the wrist

then with a twist I feel my arm insist on this
I’m left helpless

the idea is plotted out
between the charcoal and smudges
between graphite and tiny eraser nudges

and at last I’m free

this is the glory
that the knot is loosened
the strings untied
and life exemplified in work left behind
from this I find

when pen hits paper
all around me coincides to the noise inside
even the silence hears the world cease its movement
movement from the hand to the pen
and all over again

that's when life is still for one moment
one beautiful moment
when pen hits paper


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