When Only You Believe In You

You say you're here for me

You say I can count on you

You say... a lot of things.

"You just aren't like that"

"You should lower your expactations"

"Reality check..."

"No. No I don't think you can do it."

And I almost believed you. 


But I believe in myself because

somebody has to

and that somebody will never be you. 

You say you don't want me gone 

just like I Say I won't go.

But we both can see the reality.

It's only a matter of time before I 

am strong enough to leave. 


You say a lot and do a lot and 

I'm not sure that I can last the summer. 

But I will, because you are 

unfortunately an amazing resource

and a door to a network I could never build 

on my own. That shows how much 

I'm worth, I guess. 

But all I care about is success



You say I need to not give a shit. 

Okay, I'll start with you. 

For a long time I've wanted to do that

so thank you for your permission. 

I will be my verison of you and 

your version of me and 

whatever version of myself I need to be

in order to succeed. 


You ask me how can I be willing to die

even after you say 

"It's corrupt!" "It's a lie!"

Maybe that is true, but isn't that the point

of believeing in a cause; wanting it to turn out 

on top? Willing to do whatever it takes for it to win?

All is fair in love in war 

was not said without reason. 

The means justify the ends 

the ends usually justify the means

and morality is relative to the situation. 


Even if it is corrupt I will still fight and work

because I believe that it can change

but at the same time, that is still necessary 

a little.

because without some of that 

the matter of fact is 

our enemies will continue to be corrupt whether 

we are or not. 

And that will leave us 

not on top.

and that is not success. 


So, I can and will live with myself, 

but I can't with you. 

How much longer can I stay with 

people who don't think I'll last a day

in the heat of the moment. 


But at the same time, how can I live without you? 

When can I?

How can I?

This poem is about: 
My family


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