When the nights were dark

Fri, 12/05/2014 - 16:31 -- AIM1219


When the nights were dark and the clouds were gray

My heart was broken and I couldn’t feel my legs

Too many drugs had killed my brain


The stars had faded

The hope was gone

But you my love, remained intact

The time had passed and you were there

In the same place holding my head with love and care


I wounded that soul that you protect

I failed you once and two more times

But you didn’t care, you just never left

You always say that we make one

That we belong in the same space


Your sun is bright

My moon is sad

But when combined is the perfect match

It is a balance of good and evil

Of love and hate

Of death and life

But in one night I lost my path

The moon was almost gone and suddenly it was all dark

I looked around and you had left

Therefore I ran to grab my soul

I cried so hard and it hurt so much

I asked the skies to bring you back


I opened my eyes and you were there, you never left

You were just holding me tight

With immense love and care

I thank the Gods and mother earth

For placing you right on this earth

You are the one

My sun, my life, my brightest star

My cosmic warrior who gives me love and so much more

You have my love, my heart and soul


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