When Night Became Day

Wed, 05/15/2019 - 16:28 -- haksi15

But loving you was night:

Glimmering stars amongst a black canvas.

Unable to see, only to feel

Fear and panic,

Lust and anger,

Uncertainties that questioned if the sun would rise.

It was cold and made my bones shake:

An earthquake of instability.

It was hot and fueled a nonexistent flame that

Kissed my lips.


But when the sun rose,

I could see

I loved you more.


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I battled an abusive relationship during my first two years of college. I thought I deserved it, even when it was clear that what he did was extremely harmful. Perhaps the best thing I learned in college was my own worth. Night finally became day again and I was able to leave him and see him for what he truly was. I hope you, too, find your day.

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