When My Eyes Opened

Sat, 05/07/2016 - 01:17 -- keyrab

Before I ever read a Walt Whitman piece,

I had spent my entire life with my eyes sealed shut.

I did not know of the vibrant hues the words on a page could produce

nor did I know of the powerful feelings they would bring me.

I could not see the heart that bled its true feelings on the page

or feel the teardrops soak into it.

When I read To a Stranger. the blindfold that had covered my eyes for so long

was finally lifted.

I could finally see all of the colors born from the page,

could feel the emotion run though me.

I found myself craving more.

So I basked in the rays of poetry.

I read all I could read and decided I wanted to create my own magic.

Wanted to put my heart on the page for others to see, to feel,

so that one day, I too shall open the eyes of someone the way mine were.

And that someone will be inspired to open the eyes of another.


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