When Love Doesn't Shine

As of late, I have come to realize Love does not shine

shining is superficial, inane-

'Polished until it shined'

the Character gained through years of loyal steadfastedness smoothed until the surface is all the value it has.

                           No, Love doesn't shine 

Love is the sunbeam that pours through your window to warm your face

Love is a lullaby crooning you to sleep and reminds you how safe you are

Love is the sea vast and unexplored yet familiar to you as the tree that stood as sentry outside your childhood window

Love is a mountain battered and unchanged despite the shifting surface

Love is not perfect.

Love is painful, and sometimes mistaken

but it is real

and faultless.

Nothing is braver than exposing every piece of yourself,

the ugly,

the proud,

the shameful

the unspeakably sublime

the darkly jealousy

the arcane huamanity.





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