When The Light Comes For Me

Long ago I lost you
You were my best friend
The only one who gave me unconditional love
The longer I live
The more I hope to see you in the end

You were there for me
When I needed someone to be
You never called me out my name
Never made me feel ashamed

You were always there

I have always held you in my heart
I have always held you in my soul
You were the entire world to me
And now you're gone
And we are apart
And when it's my turn to pass on
It's your face I want to see

When the light comes for me
I want you to be there to guide me home
When it's my turn to go to Heaven
You are who I want to see
Cause since you been gone
I'm crying all alone
When the light comes
When the light comes for me

Sometimes l look at the clouds at night
Wondering if you can see me from beyond the stars
I wish I could send you a text
But I know that it won't go that far

Christmas was better when you were here
I miss you every Holiday of the year

From Halloween to Thanksgiving
From Christmas to New Year's Eve
From Valentine's Day to Easter
And the 4th of July
Holidays were better when you were there to receive
Presents and things from me
I gave you all I could
Now that you're in Heaven
Holidays aren't as fun as they should

(Repeat Bridge)
(Repeat Chorus)

Will you recognize me when I'm old and gray
Will you still feel the same way
About me like you did years ago
When it becomes that final day

(Guitar Solo)

(Repeat Bridge)
(Repeat Chorus)

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