When The Leaves Fall

When the leaves fall,

The world turns colors.

The local passersby wear jackets some days,

Other days, they wear shorts.


The wind, cool

but not too cool.

Always blowing through your hair,

But gently kissing your skin.


When the leaves fall,

The trees may seem to be dying,

But it is a sign of rebirth

Of new life to come.


Fall is a clear representation.

It shows that there will be a storm coming.

But after the storm, you know, comes the warmth.

You just need to tough out the winter.


When the leaves fall,

Many fesitivities follow.

Halloween costumes hide among the dead leaves.

Thanksgiving lives with the warm hearts.


Costumes hide our fears.

They exploit our joys.

But Thanksgiving develops our joys.

Our family is there to fight together.


When the leaves fall,

It will be autumn,

Then a tumultuous winter,

Then spring's rebirth.


Last comes summer,

Filling our hopeful hearts to keep going.

For then, our souls won't be in discord;

Our souls will be harmonious.


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