When Karma Gets Revenge

Am I really beautiful, or are you just lying?

Do you mean what you say, or should I stop trying?

You make me feel like I’ve never felt before.

Your waves of emotion wash upon my shore.

Unlike the rest, I see through your games.

You play with their hearts and hardly know their names.

I’m smart enough to know that this isn’t love, but infatuation.

I hate when you try to put me into this situation.

You drown me in compliments, you tell me I’m the one.

When will you ever decide to be done?

I know you aren’t real. I know you’re a fake,

So why must you bet when my heart is at stake?

You obviously don’t really care about me.

I’m just another fish in the sea.

But still I have my doubts.

I wonder what this is about.

I start to think that you really do love me,

But then your stupidity slaps me back into reality.

Sometimes at night you invade my precious dreams.

When I wake I must remind myself that everything is not what it seems.

They make me long for a love we could share,

But I know that your love for me was never really there.

All I’ve ever been to you was just another challenge.

You broke my heart, so don’t be surprised when karma gets revenge.


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