When It's Over Inspired by Mary Oliver

When It’s Over  Inspired by Mary Oliver


I am one of the few, 

Who hasn’t known the loss, 

Except the feeling of being lost,


So I couldn’t miss her when she arrives,

I’ll be waiting on the platform or in the concourse to greet

her when she gets off,

A friendly face in the crowd, 

To help her with her bags,


We’ll keep each others’ company in a small room,

When that's over,

I may not be prepared,


Everyone says you shouldn’t be alone when you take a

drug this strong for the first time, 

The warning label reads: 

“When it’s over, the color may not come back”,


We will sit and let it be felt,

She will keep me from making bad choices,

I may not be prepared,

So I may cry,


When a loss like her comes along, 

When it’s over,

I may not be prepared for her to leave,



This poem is about: 
Our world


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