When I'm In Love With You

I’m lying in bed sleeplessly after midnight
What else can I do when I’m in love with you?
Fantasies about you appear in my head
I’m reading your text messages on my phone
Your expressions of love gratify my heart

Thinking about you keeps me awake all night
I can’t tell the difference between dream and reality
Every minute I spend without you feels like ages
My desire increases because I’m in love with you.
I’m so impatient to take you in my arms again

I know I should get some sleep until morning,
But I grow restless when I want to see you
I’m looking back on our romantic conversations
And it feels like the night will take forever to end
It’s a wonderful feeling to be in love with you



This really is exactly what it feels like.  You captured it perfectly.

Marlon Pitter

Thanks for your comment

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